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Family Companion was founded by Dr. Bonnie Zappitelli, a Lake County, Ohio native. After high school, Dr. Zappitelli ventured off to Findlay, Ohio where she received her Bachelors in Animal Science and Biology at the University of Findlay. From there, she obtained her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. (GO BUCKS!) 


While practicing in a standard brick-and-mortar clinic, it became apparent to Dr. Zappitelli that visits to the veterinary hospital were stressful for most pets and owners. Being a Fear Free Pet Professional, Dr. Zappitelli decided that it was time to take the stress associated with travel to the hospital out of the veterinary appointments. As a result, with the help of her husband and family, she began Family Companion Mobile Veterinary Care.


After launching into this mobile adventure, Dr. Zappitelli learned of the true benefit of fear free services and offering at-home care to dogs and cats that were otherwise too afraid to be in a brick-and-mortar setting. From there she launched Family Companion Mobile Grooming, a grooming service that provides full-service, fear free grooms right in the comfort of your driveway. 


Shortly after, Dr. Zappitelli realized the increased demand for veterinary care during the COVID-19 Pandemic. During this time it became apparent the disconnect between general practicing veterinary hospital and emergency veterinary hospital. Something was missing - an in-between. Something to take the extra case load off of the general practitioners back without dumping it onto the emergency veterinarians. With this idea, Family Companion URGENT CARE was launched with the love and support of John Zappitelli, Renee Zappitelli, Bob Zappitelli, and Carole Zappitelli. 


The Zappitelli family and the Family Companion Animal Care Center Team is extremely excited to provide this new service to the pets of Northeast, Ohio. With this they hope that they can continue to make a difference in the lives of your family pets everyday. 

Family Companion Animal Care Center mobile vet


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